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Miami’s Argentine Steakhouse

Attracting a diverse clientele from locals to internationals in search of the best steak in Miami, Las Vacas Gordas has become one of the top restaurants in Miami Beach, and now boasts an experienced full-fledged staff, bar, and one of the top wine cellars in the region. The restaurant’s growth or becoming “The Fat Cow” like those in the bible has not dampened the passion of the owners that drove them to open Las Vacas Gordas in 1996. Today, Las Vacas Gordas still offers typical Argentine cuisine in enormous portions at fair prices as well as other Miami favorites such as Prime Rib and Kobe Beef. The menu features an assortment of cuts of beef which

showcases what the owner considers the finest expression of Argentine-style steak. The churrasco cut of steak is one that seems to be a fan favorite in taste as well as presentation, combined with the best chimichurri sauce around. We had to famously roll the steak in a unique fashion as it was too large for the plate it is served on. The Provoleta (grilled provolone cheese) is a favorite appetizer and one example of the typical Argentine dishes one would find at Las Vacas Gordas. Portions are large, but that will not likely keep one from trying the fired crepe filled with sweet Dulce de Leche.

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Las Vacas Gordas Parrillada is Miami’s Best Argentine steakhouse. It opened as a small two-person operation in 1996 on Miami Beach, serving up typical Argentine dishes from the grill, at fair prices. The owners passionately redefined the art of the Argentine grill. Through this passion, Las Vacas Gordas has exploded in popularity to become the “go-to” for Argentine cuisine in South Florida.

Since 1996

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From start to finish you will love every bite you take from all our delicious options. Begin with a Salad or an appetizer then pass through our kitchen and grill for some of the most amazing cuts of mouth-watering juicy meats



Only the most amazing desserts are served at Las Vacas Gordas. If you feel the urge to satisfy your sweet tooth ask one of our servers to tell you whats on the dessert menu today.

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If you are on a paleo diet this is the place to get your food on. Only the best cuts of meats and everything is grilled to perfection. Throw in some grilled veggies and this is the place to eat when you’re on a Paleo Diet.


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Normandy Isle/ Miami Beach

933 Normandy Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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Phone: (305) 867-1717

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Open 7 days a week

Monday – Friday: 6pm – 11:30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 1pm – 11:30pm

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